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Submissions and Materials Management

Organize and manage your creative project materials in one place to give you maximum control, flexibility, and efficiency over your submissions and collaboration. 
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Keep Everything in One Place

Start gaining back time by avoiding the search for files. Access every component of a project, from pitch decks to scripts. Simply upload any file type and store it in the library.

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Made for Creatives

Our creative library contains an automatic organization structure specific to entertainment that is fully customizable.

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Made for Sales

Increase transparency on your submissions and sales pipeline as a creative, sales or marketing professional. Manage submissions and grids, while quickly sending materials and managing external relationships in one centralized location.

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Find the Latest - FAST

Navigate the library with sort and tag functions to help find what you need quickly. Monitor edits to individual materials with the last updated column.

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Protect Your IP

Intellectual property protection is built in to everything you do in Symbonic. Give project access to trusted collaborators or send materials to external partners with watermarking and other protection protocols.

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Available Anywhere, Anytime

Access all of your creative projects, materials, and activity logs from anywhere in the world at anytime of day. All you need is a wifi connection.

Get more done with Symbonic in less time and with less headaches.
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Align Your Creative Business System

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