Black History Month

Join us in learning about the history of black artists, creators, and innovators in the entertainment and media industry.

2023 Theme

BLACK Resistance: A Journey to Equality

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Why Learn Black History?

It is important that we all prioritize learning Black History throughout February and everyday of the year. We must take time to note the discrimination Black individuals have endured and overcome. 
Past the heinous atrocities, Black History month is an opportunity to celebrate Black stories and voices. It is a time to honor those remarkable figures of the past and encourage the next generation to create progress and change. To move forward, we must remember the past. 
History is always evolving and we intend for this page to be a hub of Black Entertainment History as it unfolds. Our goal is to educate and promote the sentiment to #BlackHistoryMonth for a better future for all.

Articles and Collections

Here are some articles and collections we have curated and written to showcase the black artists, creators, and innovators who have and will continue to shape the entertainment and media industry.

10 Hollywood Innovators

These creatives have challenged the status quo to make Hollywood a more equitable and inclusive space paving the way for a more diverse future for everyone.

Filmmakers and Directors

These filmmakers and directors are true pioneers, visionaries, and storytellers who have changed the entertainment landscape and the fabric of our modern culture. 

UP-and-Coming Black Creators

With their unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, these creators have the opportunity to shape the future of Hollywood in powerful and inspiring ways. 

Notable Faces and Names

Spike Lee

Ava Duverney

Sammy Davis Junior

Morgan Freeman

Blitz Bazawule

Stefani Robinson


Cierra Glaude

John Singleton

Oprah Winfrey

Daniel Kaluuya

Ethel Waters

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