2023 Q3 - Client and Partner Executive Progress Report

Sep 28
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Key Highlights:

Here is an executive report of the Symbonic 2023 roadmap accomplishments over the last three months.

This report covers the following 3 areas:

  • New service offerings and capabilities
  • New platform and product features
  • New creative community content

New Services and Solutions

We’re modern IP business studio builders who act as your creative business and technology partners. Creative business transformation requires an IP-centric view of the world in order to maximize deal flow, opportunities, and revenue. 


Multi-Channel IP Studio Solutions

If you're building or investing in the future, our range of services and capabilities can propel you forward to powering a complete creative content and multi-channel IP business.


Digital Transformation and Unified Business Workflow

AirTable or Monday are good tools, but their nature won't allow you to achieve a more intelligent, creative IP business transformation. Ask us about our IP Lock™ Data Orchestration solution.


Content Monetization and Commerce

Maximizing revenue from your existing content library, IP inventory, and ideas requires a modern approach to licensing, dealmaking, and integrated commerce. Our solutions create new opportunities, wake up your sleeping library, and give you new business models to drive revenue from anything you can imagine.


Strategic AI Consulting and POC

AI is a critical component of your business. We believe a measured roadmap approach that balances IP security, AI, and strategic business implementation is vital for success. Our IP Lock™ approach to connecting AI and IP gives you peace of mind throughout your business process.

Platform and Product Updates

The latest capabilities, features, and improvements we have made this quarter, all designed to empower the next generation of multi-channel IP monetization.

IP CRM with ‘Single Source of Truth’ Talent Database and Lists Management

  • Integrated contact and talent database relationship intelligence 
  • DEI-aware talent database 
  • Single and multiple list management per project
  • 360° view of talent, contact, and agent records

New Agreements Management for Options and Artist Deliverables

  • Reading and writing step periods and payment tracking
  • Option expiration notifications and executive financial projection review

New IP Inventory and Catalog Management

  • Support for company, products, services, and content assets
  • Automatically generate sales sheets to drive partnerships and opportunities
  • Create and track deal rooms and development projects

New Opportunity Management

  • New inbound and outbound “leads and needs” tracking
  • Inbound project submissions (Note: outbound is automatically tracked through our advanced sent log and tracking activity)
  • Cross divisional views and grouping

Improved Team and Divisional Switcher

  • Executives can look across all divisions while maintaining IP security
  • Switch between all aspects of your business original content and IP licensing efforts with ease
  • Organize and switch between areas of your business as you see fit; examples include scripted, unscripted, digital, audio, brand building, representation - whatever your company is focused on

Intelligent Activity Tracking

  • Automatically track activity at every level of the organization
  • Instantly know what’s been changed, when, and by who
  • Use activity to assist in IP protection and IT security

New Customization and Integration Modules Framework

  • Faster integration and data orchestration from third party systems
  • Enhanced synchronization and data
  • Total control. Get EXACTLY what your business needs

Community Content and Interviews

Our community mission remains the same. For individual creatives, artists, and small production companies, we provide the tools, information, and knowledge to empower creative professionals to make the necessary changes to grow their businesses and help build a better system and culture. This is a central hub for accomplishing this together. The world has changed, and running your IP studio is a great way to build a sustainable business for the future.


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