Next-Gen: Young Hollywood Does It Different

DOVVYDOTCOM aka Dov Sikowitz is a rising musician who recently released his latest single and music video “’03 IKER”.

With his manager Shea Hanke, the two are aiming to connect music, culture, and community in new ways as they grow their careers in the coming years as they immerse themselves and learn the industry.
Here at Symbonic, we’re powering the next generation of creators by equipping them with the business tools they need to develop, collaborate, and promote their big ideas. In a sea of constant change and opportunity, young Hollywood is choosing to conduct business differently. Let’s look closer at how they’re doing it.

Grassroots Networking

For a creator like Sikowitz, some would argue that being based in LA is an unparalleled advantage - which is arguably true. However, the difference is that he’s embracing the opportunity and putting in the work to foster connections. He and his team are choosing to work with fellow creatives and build towards their goals.
Through collaboration and friendship, Sikowitz is part of La Pascua, an artist collective composed of fellow creatives.

The diversity of specialties range from art, music, design, fashion, photography, and videography. The group produces an annual magazine as well as various events and showcases to highlight their work.
Most important, La Pascua draws on community. The foundation is sturdy, built on mutual interests and genuine connection. As they work together and share their work the network expands and reaches beyond close circles. It’s fun, engaging, and beneficial for everyone involved.

Engaging Online & Off

With the emergence of social media platforms and technological advances, we are connected more than ever. The newest rising stars have only known a world where any form of entertainment was readily available at the click of a button. It’s no secret that career-launching has continually moved towards the digital realm. With the onset of the pandemic, barring us from coming together, online presence became paramount in order to thrive.

Tapping into the creator economy is a pillar for emerging careers with figuring out how to use it to your advantage can be a challenge. Young Hollywood is building interest online through these platforms to drive activation. Utilizing methods like Instagram announcements and TikTok clips, they establish an online presence and create a following, but offer an incentive for in-person experiences like streaming a new song or attending a live show. People crave tangibility and want to support the artists they love online and in the real world. The balance of maintaining a digital presence and offering real-life experiences is crucial to success.

Maintaining Authenticity

The most notable difference between young Hollywood in comparison to previous generations is the desire to maintain authenticity for themselves and their art. This upcoming generation is the most knowledgable and inclusive group of individuals in entertainment, and that is translated into the work they produce.

Young Hollywood is taking this approach to control their own direction and destiny. They’re doing it by taking up a DIY approach and keeping work in-house. By not outsourcing aspects of their art, they are able to maintain agency.
Artists like Sikowitz and creative managers like Hanke are new-generation creative entrepreneurs who are passionate and ambitious. They understand the journey is a marathon and not a sprint. At Symbonic, we recognize the value of the creator and understand what goes into maintaining, supporting, and growing a career and creative business. We’re proud to power the next generation of Hollywood.

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