Spreadsheet Grids Add Capabilities for Assistants and Bosses

Symbonic adds support for entertainment and media assistants and bosses to reduce the complexity of managing projects, relationships, calls, meetings, and activity logs. This release removes the need for having information in multiple tools and makes it easier and faster to find and send information safely and securely.

We’re releasing a set of improvements related to our integrated features and tools for tracking calls, meetings, submissions, and talent lists. In addition to these improvements, we have exported a number of great user and productivity updates.

Integrated Spreadsheet Grids

  • Added column tool that allows the actions of lock, group, hide, sort, and filter across all grids
  • Expanded notes editor on all grids for larger views of notes and updates
  • All users are now able to save their own grid views within private or team workspaces

Project and Profile Managers

  • Dashboards support context editing to streamline the editing process
  • New project apps and tools launcher has added support for whiteboards, audio, video review, design editing, conferencing, chat, and more
  • Project and relationship profile manager and dashboards interface updates to make information and data easier to read and edit
  • Upgraded one-click presenter with improved content support for Canva and Google drive
  • Project and profile team management view added to exhibit all internal and external members of a team in addition to displaying the home workspace


  • Both private and team workspaces now support default branding. Now you can set your key art, logo, and slide backgrounds to automatically be filled in when you add new projects and relationship profiles to your slate or roster
  • Delegation to private workspaces to enable assistants, staff, and associates to support private workspaces

File Library

  • Increased file size limit to accommodate lookbooks and presentations
  • Improved support for additional file types including Movie Magic, Final Draft, and more 

Along with this release:

  • Streamlined login landing page for easy access
  • Improved support for our Canva users
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Symbonic has also integrated support and client service tools built into our application in order to instantly get help from our customer and client success team. Now tracking calls, meetings, submissions, and talent lists is customizable and easier than ever before. 

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