Symbonic Archive & Delete Restoration Update

As your projects and relationship profiles grow and expand over time, so too does the number of files and materials you have collected. Some of those files simply need to be archived instead of deleted. Now with Symbonic, you can archive files you no longer need but restore them when you need them.

In this release, we have improved the Archive and Delete functions within the Materials Library in order to keep your workspace clean and tidy. With this update, prioritizing what’s important and cutting through extraneous files has never been easier. 

The goal of archiving and deleting files is to remove unwanted materials. Archiving removes files from your immediate view but doesn’t make them disappear for good. Those files will stay in the Symbonic system indefinitely and can be easily restored if you decide later that you actually did need that material. 

As a user, restore archived materials at any time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, deletion is a more final process that removes the files from the Materials Library altogether. When deleting, be sure that you will not need that file. In the cases of accidental deletions, the Symbonic team is able to conduct a recovery service. A great rule of thumb is to archive unless you’re confident you want to delete. 

Cleaning up your Materials Library is streamlined now more than ever. Archiving and deleting files will allow you to get more done. 


  • Archive files from the Materials Library
  • Archived files can be restored at any time
  • Files won’t be completely deleted, but rather be stored in the system 


  • Delete what you don’t need
  • Accidentally deleted files will be available for 90 days

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