Symbonic Materials Library Consolidates Disparate and Scattered Files, Links, and Materials

What is the Materials Library?

Symbonic integrates all of your files and links associated with a project into one, easily accessible place. 
We’ve designed the materials library to cut out the arduous switching between software systems, google drive, your desktop, and email. The materials library helps to wrangle your materials that are spread across various platforms, centralize them within Symbonic, and protect everything housed under a secure system.

To ensure that it is intuitive, we’ve designed a beautiful and clean grid system to lay out the information clearly. Moveable columns allow customization and prioritization for whatever your needs may be.

The materials library is a one-stop-shop for you to upload, store, and send all of your files and links related to a project or client. 

Key Features

Here are a few of the main features and capabilities of the materials library.

  • Organizes and Protects Your Files
  • Enables File Revisions with Notes and Feedback 
  • Creates Branded eMail Submission Links
  • Allows You to Send Personalized Information For Different Relationships
  • Easy to Follow Analytics and Usage Intelligence
Feature - Materials Library by Chris Lutz @ Symbonic

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