The Seattle Creative Economy is Blooming

Seattle has constantly been growing, but you need to be excited about how it is evolving into a leader in entertainment, creativity, and innovation.

We’re excited to announce that we’re attending the Seattle Film Summit this weekend, Friday, September 9th, through Sunday, September 11th. We’re partnering with the SFS to support the growing Seattle creative economy and help everyone thrive. It’s going to be a packed weekend of new faces, film screenings, and opportunities - but here’s what the most highly anticipated topics are for the Symbonic team:

Accelerate the Seattle Creative Economy

Being based in Los Angeles, we could not be more thrilled to be bringing Symbonic in person to Seattle! Part of our team resides in the PNW and it’s long overdue that we get involved with the community. We are eager to connect with the local people and businesses that compromise the Seattle creative economy and make it what it truly is - a vibrant, burgeoning industry. Meeting the rising stars and community leaders will give us insight into where the industry is moving in the PNW and what direction the creatives who run the industry want it to move in. Our objective is to learn from those in attendance, hone in on the roadblocks that prevent progress, and establish how Symbonic can help move careers and businesses forward to reach their goals.

Grow the Seattle Film Scene

Seattle is a diverse and bustling city. The convergence of different backgrounds makes it the prime location for original and new ideas. You have the beautiful landscape, significant tech presence, and emphasis on creativity - it’s the perfect storm waiting to happen from an entertainment perspective. We’re excited to see what is showcased in the Seattle film community. Questions like “what is important to these members? What art is currently being brought to the marketplace? What barriers stand in the way of creatives?” will inform our assessment in order to figure how to make Seattle grow. Talking with writers, directors, producers, actors, distributors, acquisition executives, talent agents, attorneys, and festival directors is a unique opportunity to gain insight into all sides of the development to the distribution process.

Land Seattle on the Entertainment Map

The biggest travesty is the lack of acknowledgment of Seattle regarding the larger film community. The city is severely overlooked as a hotspot when considering the powerhouses of entertainment and media. There is massive untapped potential. We’re eager to learn and listen to ideas on how to bring more opportunities to foster the film ecosystem in Seattle and ultimately put the city on the map as a force to be reckoned with. We’ll be asking ourselves how Symbonic can help keep entertainment production in the PNW, bring the city more opportunities, and create partnerships to cement Seattle’s entertainment status. With more focus on the creative economy, it, in turn, brings a steady stream of jobs for both entertainment and non-entertainment folk. We will be seeking an understanding of how Symbonic can serve these creators to amplify these voices.

With all the programming and events, we’re thrilled that we will be in-person and building community together. Our goal at Symbonic is to support the Seattle film industry by aiding in solving the problems that plague creators and keep them from reaching their full potential.

We’ll be running special, exclusive promotions throughout the weekend if you are in attendance. We can't wait to meet with the Seattle creative economy. Stop by our booth, say hello, and get a demo! We’re excited to join everyone!

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