Unified Inbox for News, Calls, Meetings, and Submissions Logs

In the entertainment industry keeping track of activity is critical to success. Calls, meetings, and submissions are deeply connected to your career, business, and future opportunities and that's why we put them all together.

If you’re like most professionals, you rely on your memory to record important information about calls and meetings. It’s not unusual for key details—when a call was scheduled, how many people were in a meeting, what your colleagues were planning to do next—to slip through the cracks. Stop spending extra time recreating information that should have been easy to find in one place.

A Better Inbox

With Symbonic you can see your news, calls, meetings, and your opportunities (submissions) - all in a single area. Even better, they are integrated with other features like projects and profiles that make them even more powerful. 
All of these capabilities have a consistent interface for these functions:
  • Adding, editing, deleting
  • Sorting, finding, filtering, and grouping
  • Exporting to PDF, Excel, or other formats
  • Connects assistants, staff, and collaborators

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Symbonic is specifically designed for the business of ideas, creativity, and innovation. With Symbonic, you can grow and scale your creative business foundation regardless of your size or ambitions.
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