Updated Executive Project and Profile Reports

Symbonic reports automatically bring together all the information you have on projects and relationship profiles at the click of a button so you can be ready for any type of business or creative situation.

Entertainment executives and assistants are constantly busy trying to stay up with their challenging day-to-day chaos. With Symbonic, our executive status reports keep the executives and bosses always up-to-date and assistants with easy tools to make it happen.

Magic Reports

Imagine you can click a button and in less than 2 seconds all of the latest information on your entertainment projects or relationships is summarized in a clean and focused way.

You don't have to imagine anymore.

All executive reports are:

  • Easy to find
  • Automatically kept up to date based on activities across Symbonic
  • Provide easy edit tools for executives to interact or contribute
  • Brings development, sales, business affairs, and production together
  • Allows exporting to PDF or other file formats
  • Connects assistants, staff, and collaborators
Feature - Executive Reports by Chris Lutz @ Symbonic

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