Jan 26

Delivery Update - January 26 2024

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Hey hey! Another month in the books, and we’re back to our regular programming of delivering you our accomplishments with our first installment of 2024.

We’ve been cooking up a lot of exciting updates… let’s dive into it. 

IP Companions™

Adaptable and Secure AI for Innovation and IP

IP Companions™ accelerate the lifecycle of connecting ideas, relationships, and information to actively contribute to the growth and development of your IP. Connected to your data, they offer personalized insights and enhancements and evolve alongside your project. 

Talent DB and Contact Improvements

Updates made to Contacts this week include added support for relationship identification and allows faster precision. We’ve also included the ability to group contacts by type like Client, Partner, or Employee, and gain a better overview. 

Enhanced Reporting

Navigate reports with new found clarity to allow Account Owners and Administrators visibility to Library and Workspace user activity. 
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Library and Items Report

Account level report on all the items and materials across all entities and workspaces. 

Sort, group, filter, and view using these fields: 

  • Workspace
  • Project, Talent Record, Agreement
  • Directory/Folder Location and Name
  • File Title, File Type, Link, or Card
  • Who was the last to update and when did it occur
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User Workspace Report

Get crucial info at a glance — this report highlights which team members are in each workspace and which roles they hold.

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More exciting updates are coming, stay tuned for more features that propel you to success. 
Transform your business. Modernize Your Workplace. Grow Your Revenue.

Drive a Culture of Innovation 

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