Oct 6

Delivery Update - October 6 2023

Our latest updates, improvements, and innovations to help your business achieve Harmony from Chaos™.

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Hey hey! It's delivery time. We're wrapping another week of delivering new capabilities for content producers, IP rights holders, agencies, and media brands. 

New "Harmony" Grids

Flexible spreadsheet grids that fit into your process to help your teams work smarter and more efficiently

  • Cohesive look across the Symbonic platform
  • Customizable grids to fit your needs
  • Easy access for all team members
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Harmony grids embed into your creative business process instead of taking over and creating more scattered and splattered information across those cloud-based tools you're using. They even collate activity and events to give you a secure view of everything thats happening across all your teams.

Efficient creative business collaboration, information management, and activity tracking are crucial for success in transforming your entertainment and media business. 

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Enhanced Grid Search, Group, and Filtering

Understand your data to make better decisions for better results

  • Find what's important
  • Gain insights from multiple views
  • Smarter grouping
  • Enhanced filtering

Account Level Event and Activity Tracking

Know what's being worked on and when to keep your team accountable

  • History log
  • Oversee day-to-day operations
  • Real-time updates
  • Improve accountability
The future of project and data management is here, and it's all about harmony. These tools are not just about management and organization but they're all about unleashing your team's full potential. By simplifying and optimizing your workflows, these grids provide the opportunity to allow your team to focus on what truly matters: innovation, creativity, and revenue. It's time to harmonize your way to success. 
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