Product Overview and CapabilitieS

Move your creative projects and deals forward

Organize your ideas and projects with an easy-to-use system where you can securely manage, send, and track your creative materials, all from one place.
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Collaborative Workspaces

Coordinate your projects, relationships, and deals with peace of mind. Bring in external partners by inviting them as guests. You determine roles, access, and assignments accordingly. Always stay in control.

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Easy and Intuitive Interface

Our grid system allows a dynamic view of your project slate to see what's happening and take action quickly.

Seamlessly switch between departments and divisions as your security setup allows.

The user-friendly interface lets you search, filter, and sort multiple ways to find what you need fast. Manage your slate better than ever before.

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Digital Materials Library

The chaos and frustration of finding materials is finally over. Quickly access the latest version of a document using the library. Upload any type of files and links, including scripts, pitch decks, or videos.

Directly share and track materials from the library. Add watermarks, restrict download accessibility, or limit visibility with an expiration date for added IP protection.

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Activity Logs and Tracking

From creative development updates to sent materials, we log it for you. Our automated system logs the last made edits and recently shared items for your reference.

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Executive Reports

Access project snapshots and summary reports in real-time, integrating the latest versions of edits so they are always up to date.

Utilize the information to make better creative and business decisions.

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Available Anywhere, Anytime

Access all of your creative projects, materials, and activity logs from anywhere in the world at anytime of day. All you need is a wifi connection.

Get more done with Symbonic in less time and with less headaches.
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Align Your Creative Business System

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