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Symbonic modernizes and adds value to your production or representation business right out of the cloud. It works nicely with your current tools, staff, and process. It adds new capabilities that you don't even know you need yet to compete in the next evolution of the entertainment and media industry.


Integrated Features and Capabilities

Portfolio Manager

Organize, filter, and search your portfolios of projects, talent profiles, and brand clients.

Materials Management

Create beautiful multi-device digital one-sheets and email attachments to showcase your projects and talent.

Submissions and Shipments

Use our 'Digital Mailroom' for inbound and outbound submissions on projects, programs, and talent.

Lists, Call Logs, and ToDos

Process lists with your assistants and teams directly integrated with your projects and sales efforts.

Relationship Management

Manage secure relationships and roles for everyone involved, connected, or collaborating on projects.

IP Inventory

Maintain an inventory of IP assets, generate projects, and exploit your IP in multiple ways.

File Library

Organize revisions, notes, feedback for your development, business affairs and sales process.


Enjoy one-click reports that give your stakeholders and team up-to-date intelligence.

Your Favorite Tool Integrations

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