Develop, Sell, Partner, and Close Deals with Smart Kits

Forget 'Link in BIO' tools when working on creative development, partnerships, and dealmaking for your Ideas, IP, and creative talent services.

Symbonic's smart kits give you the power to quickly create, send, and automatically track your sent log. Everything is done from the same place without cutting and pasting and double-checking emails.
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What Can You Do with Smart Kits?

Creative Development

From securely sending submissions to packaging to agent updates and everything in between.

Business Affairs

Keep your business affairs and legal team informed and on the same sheet of music.

Talent Staffing & Hiring

For hiring writers and staffing projects, Symbonic helps you see everything clearly.

Sales and Deal Rooms

Put together secure sales and deal rooms to separate and maintain communications and information.

Much More

Smart kits can be used across your whole creative business process including franchise management, licensing, and merchandising.
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What Do Smart Kits Look Like?

Here are some live examples of smart kits generated in Symbonic.

Digital Business Cards

Create digital business cards for introductions, sales, and opportunity generation.

Project Information Kits

Send different sets of materials depending on your goals and audience.

Customizable Kits and More...

Smart kits work across your entire creative business process covering many business scenarios and use cases.
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Build an agile creative business hub for your clients, partners, and agents

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