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Modernize Your IP Business From Ideas to Revenue

How your company adopts, uses, and deploys AI will be a key differentiator for creative business success going forward. Our intelligent and integrated IP software and services can help your team bring AI into your business, culture, and workflows. 

We can help all areas of your business from creative through monetization and give you views into your process like you have never seen.

Creative Development

Business Operations



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New Solution

Launch New Revenue Streams from Your Existing Content

Discover an efficient, all-in-one solution that allows you to use AI to automatically ingest, organize and monetize your content across different buyers, partners, and revenue channels.

Protect Your IP and Solve Business Problems With Secure AI

AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, and others are great, but soon you'll start to realize that you have your own IP you need to further develop, protect, and monetize.

When you want to use AI for your own data, files, video and more you will want AI models that you control and own.  You might also start to consider NOT putting your valuable IP into public AI models and tools.

Problems with Public AI

Secure AI removes problems like these from the equation and the AI models we help you build become valuable IP you own.  

  • Data privacy
  • Customizability
  • Latency and Cost
  • Compliance
  • Control
  • Ownership
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Check Out Our Services and Capabilities

We offer a comprehensive suite of software and services delivered with exceptional service, expertise and value.  
Cross-Discipline teams with a wealth of experience in ENTERTAINMENT, media, and technology.

AI Consulting, Strategy, and Validation

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Strategic Consulting and Executive Guidance

We review your existing creative business system along with your projects, IP, files, and data.

AI Business Assessment and Roadmap

We present a plan for consolidation and streamlining your operation.

AI Data and Content Assessment

We work with your staff to bring your system online and with cleaned up data and materials.

AI Proof of Concepts and Validation

Rapid development of software prototypes to validate ideas and gather user feedback.
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Software Development, Engineering, and Integration

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User Experience

User interface and user experience (UI/UX) design for web, mobile, and device applications.


Custom software development tailored to meet specific business needs and technical requirements.

Quality Assurance

Testing and verification of software products to ensure they meet high quality standards.

Training and Support

Training programs and ongoing technical support to ensure clients can effectively use the software.
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IT Consulting

Expert advice and guidance on technology strategy, infrastructure setup, and process optimization.

Project Management

Planning, coordination, and execution of software development projects to meet deadlines and goals.

System Integration 

Integration of software systems to ensure smooth communication and data exchange.


Regular updates, bug fixes, and system maintenance to keep software running smoothly.
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Media & Asset Management and Distribution

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Digital Asset Management 

Centralized storage, organization, and retrieval of digital media assets such as images, videos, and documents.

Metadata Management 

Structuring and management of metadata associated with media assets to enhance searchability and discoverability.

Media Transcoding 

Conversion of media files into different formats to support various platforms, devices, and delivery channels.

Media Workflow Automation

Streamlining and automating media-related workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention.
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Analytics and Reporting 

Gathering and analysis of data related to media asset usage, performance, and audience engagement.

Metadata Extraction 

Automated extraction of metadata from media assets, including keywords, tags, and other descriptive information.

Content Rights Clearance 

Clearing legal and copyright permissions for using third-party content in media productions and distributions.

Digital Rights Management 

Protecting and managing digital content rights through encryption, licensing, and access control mechanisms.
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Platform Services and Capabilities

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Cloud Computing 

Deployment and management of applications and infrastructure on cloud platforms.

Data Analytics 

Gathering, processing, and analysis of data to extract meaningful insights and drive decision-making.

Automation Solutions 

Development of automated workflows and processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Assessment, implementation, and management of security measures to protect against cyber threats.
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Private Infrastructure, Networking, and Storage

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Media and Asset Storage

Global Streaming Network

Private Networking

Data Recovery

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Let's Work Together To Transform Your IP Business for the Future.

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