Dynamic Talent and List Management to Grow Your Relationships and Deal Flow

The entire entertainment and media business will constantly change for the foreseeable future. A more flexible approach to selling and servicing multi-channel IP is needed to survive and thrive.

Every day we help tomorrow's leaders in creativity and innovation do more with fewer resources and staff while accelerating deals and opportunities across the multi-channel IP universe of film, TV, games, music, sports, and IP projects.

Symbonic offers THE BEST multi-channel IP creative development, relationship management, and sales solutions for leading film, television, IP universe builders, and dealmakers.

Transform how your staff and business can adapt and thrive in this multi-channel IP business future by contacting us to learn more about the benefits and solutions we offer.
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Benefits and Capabilities. Lower Costs. Greater ROI.

A central part of our solution is our IP-CRM and dynamic talent and lists management. If you're ready to move from 'wait and see what happens mode' and adapt your business like they are, you can gain the same creative business benefits regardless of the size of your company. 


Continuously Drive Brand Awareness

Put your brand at the forefront of talent, partners, and your clients' minds


Accelerate Deal and Opportunity Flow

Accelerate the flow of deals and opportunities, giving your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive


Expand IP Ecosystem Partner Network

Securely share information and materials with the right partners and expand your IP ecosystem


Build Stronger Talent Relationships

Unlock talent collaboration so you can build long term relationships built on trust and transparency


Reduce Communication Roadblocks and Stalls

No more communication roadblocks and stalls - eliminate  obstacles, allowing for smooth and efficient communication 


Deliver Higher Quality with Fewer Resources

Deliver higher quality creative and business results with fewer resources, saving time and maximizing productivity

► Easy-to-Use. Consistent. Fast. Up-to-Date. Integrated.

Build better relationships, deliver consistent materials, keep track of information, and improve deal flow for your creative and IP business.

Watch it in Action

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Integrated Features

Talent Database

Keep track of talent and contacts seamlessly in a fast and flexible grid.

Diversity and Skills Tracking

Manage up-to-date information on diversity and skills.

Hyper Fast Search and Filter

Find talent fast and in multiple ways.  Our instant search is awesome.

Deep Project Integration

Lists are deeply connected and immediately available in projects.

Multiple Lists Per Project

Keep one master list or manage multiple lists with ease.

Dynamic Share and Export

Share and export any view you need with a single click.

Grouping and Views

Group and adjust views in the context of your goals.

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