Connecting with a Global Audience Using IP with Etan Marciano

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Etan Marciano is a writer and script coordinator who also serves as the Mythology Coordinator for AGBO. His work includes credits from TV series like Person of Interest, From, and Swarm as well as the short Antisemite. Marciano's next upcoming project is the highly anticipated drama series Citadel starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden. 

Can you explain your role as a Mythology Coordinator. What is your relationship with IP?

As Mythology Coordinator, it’s my responsibility to track the mythology and world-building narratives of each of AGBO’s universe IPs. I work closely with our lead creatives and creative gatekeepers to ensure that the mythology remains consistent across a universe’s multiple expressions. That includes film, TV, gaming, and more.

How do you connect with audiences through IP? Has that changed as the IP you work

with reaches a more global scale? What are some examples of obstacles you sometimes


AGBO’s primary mission is to build out story universes that connect with a global audience. It’s in our storytelling DNA to find and develop worlds and characters that can connect with viewers from around the world. Through compelling narratives that stretch the limits of genre and universal themes that speak to all viewers, AGBO is at the vanguard of adapting IP for a global audience.

Are there any exciting projects or upcoming work you want to share?!

The incredible world of Citadel, the first concept of its kind in terms of an interconnected story universe that expands across multiple countries, will be dropping on Amazon on April 28th. Additionally, Extraction 2, another one of AGBO’s incredibly successful universe IPs, is dropping on Netflix in June.

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