How to Build a Sustainable Creative Career and Business

Starting a creative career is simple, but building and growing a successful brand and sustainable business from your ideas and talent is no easy feat.

We put together this guide to give you some things to think about so you can survive and thrive for the long term.

A multi-part blog series on creative entrepreneurship

In this series we cover a wide range of topics on how to build a successful creative career, brand, and business from your ideas and talent services.

01 - Build a Creative Business Foundation

A creative entrepreneur is an individual who builds a new business in a creative field or industry. If you are starting or operating a business based on your ideas, skills, and talent - then you are a creative entrepreneur. 

02 - Organizing Your Brand

Your creative brand is more than simple titles and imagery. It is an identity that represents you, your career, and your business—the experience you create in the minds of your targeted audience, as well as how they perceive your IP.
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03 - Centralizing your Ideas & Projects

Building a foundation consists of the centralization of your slate, including past and upcoming projects. An organizational hub will give you a system to help you move forward in a more efficient way.

04 - Managing Materials & Submissions

Materials flow is everything. Your career and creative business success is determined by how well you can manage the flow of communication and collaboration around your materials. 
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05 - Share and Protect Your IP

As a creative professional, your ability to manage, track, protect, and safeguard infringement of your intellectual property (IP) is essential to your success.
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Build Your Career & Business for the long-term

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