Talent, Ideas and Intellectual Property Transportation
For the Next Generation of Creators and Producers

Talent, Project and Intellectual Property Transportation Platform

We are the first Idea Commerce™ and Identity Commerce™ platform.

Symbonic is two complementary applications in one. It was designed from the ground up to support the unique business challenges that face the entertainment, media, and other intellectual property (IP) intensive industries.

Our platform helps connect Intellectual Property (IP), Talent, Relationships, and Resources.

We organize and transport information and materials - safely and securely - for the business journey of developing, packaging and selling ideas and intellectual property of all kinds.

Our 21st Century Global Mailroom and shipping containers save time, reduce wasted meetings, increase opportunities, and streamline how you collaborate with relationships involved in building idea momentum and success.


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Micro-CRMs and Campaign Management

Did you ever hear of a CRM for creative and business ideas? Well, we developed a micro CRM for every project you work on in Symbonic. Each project you work on brings together your grids, lists, materials, and submissions into a cohesive interface that is simple, fast, and easy to use.

Not only that, we make it easy to attach people to your project in multiple ways, both officially and unofficially.


Intelligent Business & Relationship Development

You develop ideas, build lists, and send submissions to representatives or partners. They resend them out to other representatives and partners. This process repeats for every represented entity in the chain until it's hard to know where the project even stands. Does this seem efficient?

Plus, everyone has their unique version of grids, priorities, spreadsheets, desktop folders, and materials scattered everywhere.

We have a better solution.


Secure APIs to Connect Your Data

Wouldn't it be nice if the information in all of your tools could come together? Your projects, your invoicing, your tracking, your reporting, your commissions' system, etc.

Symbonic doesn't do everything, but it does allow you to access the information from our system and feed it into your other systems, tools, or even some of those dinosaur apps you have running your business.

Our open systems approach to building a standard allows for the smallest to the largest businesses to interact with each other at the machine level to create more time and less mess when it comes to keeping your world organized.


Machine Learning and AI Never Hurt Anyone... YET!

Symbonic can visualize data, information, and relationships to help you work smarter.

Our use of graph technology, combined with traditional big-data architecture and machine learning, puts you into the driver's seat when looking across your business and partnerships.

We're passionate about these technologies' practical applications and have been continuously exploring the best use cases to bring value to end-to-end development, sales, and dealmaking processes.


There is a lot of thinking behind our platform.
All designed to help you today and in your future.

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