Solution for Producers

Developing, producing, and pulling together packages of talent, materials, and budgets and then making sure everything goes as planned is a tough job.

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Symbonic gives you, your assistant, and your team the tools to work together in ways that will delight and surprise you.


For You

  • Pull Together Amazing Talent and IP Packages
  • Track Calls and Submission Status with Ease
  • Manage Materials Effortlessly
  • Respond to Requests and Opportunities Efficiently
  • Maintain Your Career and Profile 'Branding' Site
  • Give Your Assistant Superpowers

For Your Team or Business

  • Everyone on the Same Secure Source of Information
  • Bring Different Skills and Perspectives Together Easily
  • Grow Creative and Business Partner Relationships
  • Increase Deal Flow and Opportunities
  • Improve Collaboration, Meetings, and Deals
  • Continuous Value into Pre-Production and Beyond

Overloaded? Underloaded?

Symbonic Can Help

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